Monday, April 23, 2012


The Millers Ball Club went down on Friday night. A familiar tale for any who come up against the Rohrers. For six innings,our boys went to the bat and hit every hurler that Millers could supply.

In the first, MJ. Oswald was up initially. M.J,a consistent hitter, drives a grounder and legs it to first but is called out. Brent Kaunas walks and then steals second in a burst of high energy speed. Dylan Grace, one of our power hitters,slams out a double to the enjoyment of the crowd, sending Brent to third. Brent over runs third and the Millers try hard to catch him between home and third, but he foils their attempt. Up next strolls big Jakob Biever and the crack of ball against bat sends the ball flying out over center field fence and downtown for a homer. This homer is the first for the club and an excited team rushes out of their dugout and greets the big slugger when he rounds the bases and crosses home plate for the score. Next, Nate Dixon strolls out to the batter`s box, waves his hand to the ump for time, gets set and lays waste to a hanger that sails out over a leaping second baseman and rolls into the grass in center field for a single. Up next is Dylan Biever who strikes out. Chase Weiser at bat hits a grounder to the second baseman and is called out at first.

This is the way the game will go for the next five innings. Our boys hitting over and over to the delight of the audience.

I witnessed a few calls that made this reporter cringe, but that is baseball. One of those calls is evident below.

Nate Dixon slams a double with A controversial Call at Home.

Well ,cranks, the playing of our nine was faultless throughout the game. The infield stopped everything that came along and some of the chances given them were very hot. Take for example, in the bottom of the second inning, a hard bouncing grounder was snagged by Brent Kaunas who immediately under hands it to Drew Grace on second for the out. Kaunas and Grace both distinguished themselves by making a phenomenal play for which both players are well known. In the later innings, Brent Kaunas was called to do some catching and Millers was trying to make a play with a steal to third base. Brent quickly catches the movement of the runner and fires a perfect strike to the hot corner, where third baseman ,Nate Dixon, grabs the bullet and tags the runner for an out.

Up on the mound this day were a couple of relievers. Seeing our starters are being rested, the pitchers, Dylan Biever ,Chase Weiser and M.J. Oswald did a phenomenal job keeping the number of hits and runs to a minimum.

The outfielders, Easton Weiser , T,J, Schappell Seth Grube took all chances of balls arriving in their area with fine throws to the infield to hold up any runners.

Our boys did an excellent job. I am sure Manager Grace had to be thrilled by their play. It seemed to me, when I could get a view of him,he had a big grin on his face.

All we can we say about our slugger today is….. Wow! Big Jake“The Slammer” Biever jacked out two homers. M.J. “The Duster” Oswald had a single. Brent “Lightning” Kaunas had two hard hit triples. Drew “The Boomer”Grace smacked a double and a triple. Nate “The Kidney" Dixon drove out a single, two doubles and triple for a fine evening. Chase, “The Dasher” Weizer rounded out two singles. Blake “The Lion” Lipko lined out two triples. Easton, “The Kid” Weizer had a hard hit single. T.J. “Tip” Schappell had a nice single. Seth “Goose” Grube, Dylan “Smoogey” Biever and Dylan “Dynamite” Grace went down at bat. The nicknames given the players are this author`s call, the way I remember the nine. And how can we forget our manager, Ken “Phenom “ Grace.

Manager “Phenom” Grace called the boys together at the end of the game and stated, “That was an awesome game. Everybody was into it and everybody was hittin`. Ok, that’s the way to play baseball!”

See all you cranks on Monday when the Rohrers vs. Bedways…


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