Friday, April 20, 2012


Yesterday’s exhibition of umpiring was very exciting! Or should I say strange. After the first inning ,the audience seemed to loose interest in the calling of balls and strikes, as they roamed all over the place.
SEE WHAT I MEAN! THIS WAS ONE OF MANY PITCHES CALLED A BALL! But,in the end, the Rohrers came out on top over the undefeated Sylray Club by a score of 4-2 in a game that lacked the excitement and enthusiasm of the previous 3 games. The game was a slow and tedious one for the club. Let me tell you, cranks, the whole game seemed to be played in the first inning. I was excited as the Rohrers came to the bat. The Rohrers went to the bat first. First up was M.J. Oswald. I watched with concern as we well remember M.J’s shoulder was injured in the last game. But the ever consistent hitter, M.J. Oswald , took his place in the box and no sooner had I turned my attention to the swing of his bat, there was the sound of ball on bat, and he is on base with a single. Brent Kaunas gets a sign to bunt. He steps into the ball and fouls off a bunt. He is then fanned for the first out. The lanky Drew Grace ,a powerful hitter, faces the Sylray pitcher, a kid with cannon of an arm by the name of Aaron Bolinsky. Drew looks down the line to Manager Grace and takes the sign…Bunt! He bunts the ball for one of those Baltimore Choppers and streaks for first. When he rounded the corner to second, he got caught for the second out. But at the instant the bunt took place, M.J. ran the bases like lighting and scored the first run for Rohrers. Big Jakob Biever comes to the bat and there is a moment of silence as Bolinsky eyes big Jake and Jake eyes Bolinsky. Jake swings and misses on the first pitch giving Bolinsky that chance to look Jake up and down. Bolinsky comes out of the stretch and fires a fast ball. Jake swings. There is a crack connecting with one of those cheese balls and out goes the ball to left field for a single. Nate Dixon takes his place in the batter`s box and after two swipes and good eyes, he facing a full count. The next pitch is high and outside. Nate takes his base. In the meantime, Jake steals third and then steals home. Rohrers is on a roll here in the first. Up next is Chase Weiser, our lighting fast runner and hitter who had an inside the park homer the other night. Bolinsky stretches and crack, Chase hits a triple. Nate rounds second and third and cruises home for a score. Seth Grube takes a few pitches and walks and Chase comes home for the score. 4-0: Rohrers Up next is Blake Lipko. Blake goes down on the count and strikes out for the final out. Brent Kaunas on the mound in the bottom of the first has some strong throws and keeps Sylray scoreless. Well, cranks, there was really nothing that this reporter could say was particularly interesting for the rest of the game except a few of the bad calls made by the umpire. The bottom of the fourth with the score 4-1 and the Rohrers sort of looked like they caught a case of the slows. A few of the players had a couple of hits. Drew Grace pitched for three outs and was pulled and in came Big Jake on the mound who finished out the rest game. Score 4-2. At the end of the game, Manager Grace said to the club, “That was one of the games you got to do everything to win. You got it all in the first inning. In this type of game you got to stay in the game. It looked like everybody was dead for the last three innings. We got to get more runs. There is no doubt in my mind you are the best team out here. We got to play hard all the time. Good job.” They left the field with the cheer, “1,2,3, ROHRERS”.
Coach Biever Questions one of many calls!

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