Thursday, May 31, 2012




Orwigsburg Memorial Field
Orwigsburg, Pa.

   Well,cranks ,what can I say about the game played on  Saturday, May 26?  It scared the dust off my old cleats. What was happening out on the diamond I couldn’t say. Our boys came out and played the first inning as flat as a bleacher board.
   Millers came to play. They hit us. They forced us to have errors. They were yelling and shouting like they were in the World Series. The voices heard from their bench were calling it their “Cinderella” game. Now don’t get me wrong, we played the ball well, but our hitting was behind schedule. At this point there were some motivational speeches coming from our dugout.  Manager Grace yelled out to the club, “Come on, guys. It’s a game! Let`s go! Do you want to lose? You better wake up!!!”  Our boys just stared and looked shocked. This can’t be true. We are losing the game! It is slipping away to Millers.
   But one thing we all forget about this club is their refusal to loose. If you ask any of the cranks who witnessed this ball game about what the most outstanding feature of the game was, they’ll answer you:
   Oh, boy, you should have seen our boys in the top of the 5th….M. J. was at bat and got walked. One man on. The score stood 4-1 Millers. Drew banged out a double and sent M.J. home. Score: 4-2 Millers.  Big Jakob stepped into the box and slammed a double out to left field sending Drew home. Score: 4-3 Millers.  Nate, poised as always, took all his pitches with two foul balls off his bat and on a full count was walked. Now, two men on. Up next was Dylan Biever. Miller`s pitcher took a slight break and looked around the diamond.  He came out of the stretch and was going to try and overpower Dylan with a fast ball. But before he could, Dylan smashed the apple to deep center with Millers fielders chasing after it sending Nate around the bases. Dylan zoomed around the infield with lighting speed and once again pulled the team through with another inside the park homer putting Rohrers ahead  6-5.
     Our boys did it again! They came from behind and pulled out an almost sure loss. Drew bagged a triple out in the top of the 6th   which drove home M.J. for another score making the final 6-5.
   Our boys did some fine fielding in this game. M. J. pitched an excellent game. Jake finished Millers off with some nice strike outs and played first base like a pro. Dylan made a great jumping catch for an out. Nate had a close call at third with a fine throw from Drew who was catching. Easton,one of our rookies, nailed a fastball between 2nd and first for a nice hit and a single. T.J. caught a few innings and did well. Chase Weiser, Blake Lipko, Dylan Grace and Seth Grube kept the outfield safe and secure.
   It was a great come back from a fine Rohrers team who played some thrilling base ball. At first, they looked like they lost faith in their ability to play the game but ,to this writer, they look like the Rock of Gibraltar.
   Now, our next opponent is the only club to beat Rohrers this year. Let`s hope we can avenge our previous losses to Bedways. It`s up to our boys!



Friday, May 25, 2012


Orwigsburg Memorial Field
Tuesday, May 22  2012


As this reporter came to the ball park early today and watched our club warm up and go through their batting practice, I was a little worried! They looked relaxed, confident, and enthusiastic.  Being nothing more than a bleacher coach and a worry wart as I analyze their games through this sports column, I was a little nervous thinking about some of the big hitters on the Sylray club and what they could do if they got hold of the ball.

   After the club came up on the ball field, I started to relax. Manager Grace had our starting pitcher Drew Grace warm up in the pen with our catcher, M.J. Drew looked nice and steady on his pitches. I began to feel  more confident. I watched the infield throw the ball around under the steady eye of coaches Josh Biever, Todd Schappel and  Mr. Lipko. The boys looked easy in their movement and steady in their throws. The outfield looked confident and ready for the game. The Sylray club was quiet and watched with a careful eye the warm-up of our club hoping to beat our boys on the diamond.

   When the ump, John Boyer, called the clubs into their dugouts and the announcer called the starting line ups, I began to relax. After the playing of the National anthem, Manager Grace called the team together at the opening of the dugout and said, ”Listen, guys, the grass is thick out there so you have got to come in on the ball…Let`s start from the first pitch and jump on them quick.”

    Jakob Biever the Rohrers big and youthful pitcher and infielder was the loading slugger with two home runs to his credit in the game. Drew Grace pitched another fine game for 4 innings throwing a variety of stuff at the hard hitting Slyray club which they could not hit. He worked a change of pace with telling effect. After the third inning, Brent Kaunas took over and continued the change of pace with fastball and changeup. The Sylray team still could not hit  and were held to one run.

   In the first, Brent Kaunas hit a liner to center field that I thought it was gone but it  smacked the board with a loud thud for a double .  Drew drove one down the third base line for a double driving in Brent for the first score 1-0. Drew on the mound dropped the Slyray batters one after the other and the third one hit a high fly to right field. Blake Lipko ,who came underneath the high flyer , caught it for the out.

Top of the second, the Sylray’s pitcher knocked us down 1,2,3.  Sylray at the bat had a double to deep center field, the longest shot the Sylrays would have in the game. Their player later stole home for a tying run score: 1-1.

   In the third, Blake got the call from manager Grace to bunt. It was a fine bunt but got caught at first by the quickness of the Sylray infield.  M.J. ground out to the pitcher. Brent cracked a short hopper for a single. Drew gets walked but gets caught trying to steal second .While Sylray was concentrating on chasing Drew back and forth, Brent with lightning speed, ran home score: 2-1. In the bottom of the inning Drew fanned the three batters in order.

   Top of the fourth, up first is Jakob. And with a loud crack the ball goes sailing out over the center left field fence and into the other ball field for his seventh home run of the year! Kudos to Jakob! Nate grounds out on a short hopper to second. Dylan grounds out to the pitcher. Chase gets a single and is safe on a collision with the first baseman. Easton strikes out. To end the inning, Manager Grace changes pitchers and brings in the right hander Brent Kaunas. Brent strikes out the first batter. Second batter gets a single. Third batter drives a hard hit to short which is snagged by Drew for the out. Brent fans the fourth batter to end the inning.

   Top of the fifth and T. J. Schappell gets walked on balls. M.J. bangs out a single. Brent grounds out to short for the out. Drew hits one and M.J. gets caught stealing home for the out. Brent on the mound drops the Sylray batters in fast order one, two, three to end the inning.

   Top of the sixth, Drew gets called out at first. Jakob Biever , our big slugger, drills another homerun to make it his eighth one this season.  Again, kudos to Jakob! Nate Dixon blasts a line drive down between the third baseman and short stop for a single. Dylan grounds out to first and Chase strikes out. Brent back on the mound strikes out the first and second batters and the third man pops a high flyer out to right where Blake Lipko is waiting for the final out.
Rohrers 4 Sylray 1 in a fine exhibition of base ball.