Saturday, April 7, 2012


The base ball season was formally opened here today at the Orwigsburg Little League Memorial Field with a game between our Rohrer`s rockets and Bedways. The game was won by a rout of 14 to 4 that put an end to the game in the 4th inning by the 10 point mercy rule. This outcome was fortunate for Bedways because our boys were just getting started into some of that power hitting that we know exists. The weather was clear with a blue sky and at times a cold ,chilly wind blew gusts over the field. The winds did not dampen the enthusiasm of the boys and us cranks. It was the first game of the 59 game season for the Rohrer`s sluggers. Both clubs felt like working hard in the first inning ,but Rohrer’s play ,even under the conditions of wind and chilly air, had the effect of reviving confidence in the players and an interest in the club.


Rohrers took the field first. Manager Grace set the line up with the battery of Drew Grace, P and M.J. Oswald C, SS Brent Kaunas, 1b Jake Biever, 3b Nate Dixon, 2b Dylan Biever and in the outfield were Chase Weiser, Seth Grube, Dylan Grace.

Ok, cranks ,maybe a few jitters for the first game of the season ,but you would never know it with the play of our battery. Drew was firing the ball down the line. 2nd batter up for Bedways hit a high fly to right field that was dropped. Looked to this reporter that possibly ,at the last second ,a blast of wind caught the ball on the outside of the glove... The runner advanced to 3b on the play. No matter, the 4th batter went down on 4 pitches. Unfortunately for the Rohrer’s cranks, Manger Grace pulled Drew , possibly saving him for Monday`s game. Drew was sending batters back to the dugout like apples falling from a tree. He was supported on the mound by Dylan Biever and Jake Biever as relief pitchers.

Our first at bat., Drew, bangs out a single. Catcher M.J. Oswald nails one to center field as Grace speeds around the bases to third. Next up, SS Brent Kaunas. Kaunas walks but with a burst of speed steals second from a stunned Bedway's club and Grace hustles home for the first score of the 2012 season. Big Jake, up at bat next, makes the Bedway pitcher nervous by his size and draws a walk. Bases loaded and up comes 3b Nate Dixon. Nate can be a power hitter but goes down swinging for his first at bat. In a burst of lighting speed, Oswald steals home. Next up, Dylan Biever. After two Dylan slams out a double. Chase Weiser is out.

Well, Rohrer’s cranks ,our club looked impressive this day. The boys played a good game throughout. , both at the bat and in the field. I was impressed by the pitching of Drew Grace, It was lucky for Bedways that our boys didn’t connect on more of the pitches, so many were wild and out of batting area that the boys had a hard time picking out the one to go sailing. There were a number of brilliant plays out on the field. Nate Dixon recovered a dropped ball and held the Bedway`s runner up at third base. Brent Kaunas ,who we look for a lot at the bat this year, made a fine running shoe string catch for an out while alternating at 2nd base. Big Jake Biever made a couple of hits to the outfield, and all I can say to the other league teams is beware of this boy. He has a hard, heavy bat. Biever's pitching in the 4th closed out the game. Our out field is steady and quick, with Seth Grube , Dylan Grace, and Chase Weiser. All our boys got to play in this rout and I was impressed by three of the up coming rookies. T.J. Schappell, Blake Lipko, and Easton Weiser, the rookies, all looked steady at the bat and in the field.

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