Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Pregame Talk

A game of baseball where the players are mere machines snapping up the leather sphere and passing it to each other without a muffle is as devoid of interest as any other sure thing. But on early Monday evening last, the Rohrer's ball players made it a game in which any one player is likely to make a bad cut at the bat , slow on the base run or over threw the easiest ball which happens to the best ball player now and then. Monday`s game showed the Rohrer’s faithful an interest in this team that creates wild enthusiasm among the players and the spectators. Yes, it was only the second game of the season, but our boys came out great by whipping Fesslers at the bat and on the field.

It was very noticeable, when the boys took the field, that all the practice they had this spring paid off. The alacrity with which the boys listened to and obeyed the commands of Manager Grace and acknowledged with slight head nods, their presence of mind in the field, their watch -me knock –the- cover- off confidence at bat, and the uniformity of play was evident of the care with which they played. This behavior all a result of having been specially coached by coaches Biever, Schappell, Oswald, Lipko and Kaunas.


The first inning had Drew Grace batting first. Drew had a bang bang to first and was called out. Up second was M.J. Oswald . M.J. digs in and slams a gaper and pulls out a double.

Brent Kaunas drives a single and gets M.J. home with the score 1 to 0. Big Jake comes in as clean up and slaps out a single. Nate Dixon gets a sharp hit right to the first baseman and is the first out of the game.


Our boys took to the field with Jake Biever on the mound, and M.J. Oswald behind the plate. Jake fans the first two batters and walks the next two and then with a little bit of cheese, Jake fans the batter.


As the game progressed, the lack of hitting in our first game was overcome by a hitters` delight for Rohrers.

In the bottom of the second, catcher M.J. Oswald seems to be picking each shot with an eagle eye and smacks a single. Brent Kaunas up next. I told you, cranks, to watch this boy. He is a power hitter. Bang, right out in the field. Brent pea rods the ball to center for a triple driving home M.J. I can’t say enough for the hitting power and the speed this ball player has . In the 5th ,Brent jumps on a pitch and ropes it into the outfield for an inside the park homerun.

Relieving Jake Biever on the mound is Blake Lipko in the fourth. After firing pitches, the rookie, Blake, walks a few and strikes out two of Fessler`s players. He pitches with a long stretch and has a good arm to develop. I watched Blake throw some in the bull pen and he is fast. While standing directly behind the fence at home plate, I have some issues with the calls the ump was making on Blake, but that is baseball. Up to the fourth inning the home club had failed to score and it looked like they would be Chicagoed. At the end of 4, the score stood at 8 to 4 with Fesslers trying to make a run at our boys.

Manager Grace pulled Blake and put Drew Grace on the mound. Drew stops Fesslers from scoring with his cannon arm. The Rohrers come at the bat swinging and stopping Fesslers in the field . All the boys played well. Nate Dixon who can be a power hitter is coming into his own and had a nice single and double. T.J. Schappell played well along with rookies Easton Weiser and Dylan Grace who is going to be a nice hitter. Seth Grube played his usual strong fielding in the outfield along with the ever strong Dylan Biever in the field at the bat.

For the last 2 innings ,Rohrer`s drive the score up to 12 to 5. All in all the boys had a fine game of base ball

Manager Grace had to kick at the umpires for a call late in the game over interference on a runner to second base. As I said Manager Grace will kick when he feels the need. Although he looked quite at ease with the outcome of the call. After the game, Manager Grace congratulated the boys but said their base running was not acceptable. Look out ,Rohrers for some hard practice in base running.

Well, cranks ,there were many, many notable features of the game that cannot be noticed for lack of space. Among them, the yearning, heart felt look of the boys in the dugout with a look for a season where we can really do some ball playing.

Will see you at Memorial Field on Saturday the 14th. When Rohrers vs. Boyers.

Note: As each game is played I will try to get photos of all the boys...But if anybody has a photo they want posted just email and I will put them in.


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