Friday, April 27, 2012


Losing After Winning

Well, cranks, this reporter was a little shocked this evening as the Rohrers ball club came out and lost a hotly contested ball game in the bottom of the 6 th inning. I will not fault any one player for this defeat because the whole club played a little off their normal hard ball playing. Their normal field discipline and swinging the stick seemed to be missing.

Manger Grace in his pregame talk to the club said, “Let`s get out early and jump on them boys.” The boys started the first inning reminiscent of prior games.. On the mound for Bedways was Jake Hendricks. M.J Oswald up first had a pop fly to the pitcher for the first out. Drew Grace hits a hard gapper between third and short for a double. Drew steals third base with 1 out. Next up, Big Jake Biever who drives a low liner down third base line for a single and drives in Drew. Score: 1-0. Batting clean up Nate Dixon bunts, advancing Jake to second, but Nate is called out at first. Dylan Biever gets called out at first to end the play.

The Battery for Roheres at this point is Drew Grace on the mound and M.J. Oswald behind the plate. First batter for Bedways lines out to the short stop for the first out. Second batter smacks a high fly ball to right field and advances to third on a dropped ball.

Another error and the Bedways score for a score 1-1.
2nd inning Chase Weiser up first walks to first. Seth Grube up next. Chase steals second on a close call on a high pitch Seth is called out. Blake Lipko gets fanned 2 outs.
Easton Weiser is called out at first for three outs.

Bottom of the second. Drew fans the first batter. Drew fans the second batter with 2 outs. Third batter hits a grounder past the third baseman into left field. One man on, a walk and Bedways has two men on. Drew fans the batter for the third out.
Top of the third up at bat M.J. Oswald, who is walked on balls. Drew Grace strikes out. Jake Biever takes 4 balls and walks. Nate Dixon takes 4 balls and walks. Bases loaded. Dylan Biever up next, Dylan. called out on strikes. Chase Weiser pops up for the out.

Manager Grace calls in Big Jake to the mound and pulls Drew, who pitched a fair 3 innings. Their big slugger hits a homerun. Well ,cranks, this is the first time this season our boys were behind in a game. Jake fans the next batter. Thirds batter grounds out to first and he fans the last batter.

All in all, our boys were holding their own. Things looked exciting in the bottom of the fifth until the heavy stick of their pitcher hit another homer with a man on putting the score 4-2. But, Cranks, our boys came back in the top of the sixth when slugger Drew Grace hit an inside the park homerun and drove in two runs to make the score 4-4. The crowd was on its feet. Jake strikes out.

Bottom of the 6 th inning.Are we going to go to extra innings? Things looked good for our nine when Bedways came to bat at the bottom of the 6th. Nate Dixon snags a grounder and throws the runner out at first for one out. Henricks hits a double advancing a man to third base. The next batter cracks one to right field and Bedways scores beating our boys 5-4
After the game I asked one of the ball players what he thought of the game he stated, “ We played terrible. We missed too many signs from the coach on third. We made too many errors.”

So it was cranks that our boys played a little weak today, but overall ,they are a great team. These kids are winners and to loose a game is just baseball. Sometimes you are on. Other times you’re not.
It is interesting to note that the team who beat our boys this evening was cheering and jumping around like they won a championship game. Take this, cranks, as what it means. They beat a great team and were so shocked that it was like playing in a championship game…

See you on Saturday at Memorial Park . I smell victory in the air for Rohrers.


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