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Saturday morning at Memorial Field Orwigsburg.
Play was called at 10:00A.M.

The Rohrers Ball Club crossed bats this morning with the Fesslers club in an exciting game of Base Ball. The game was umpired by John Boyer of Orwigsburg. One would assume that the Rohrers would have the advantage after coming off a disappointing loss to Bedways. And ,Cranks, they did! They recovered splendidly from the defeat at the bats of the Bedways. But in a game of pure Base Ball ,the Rohrers came back
Rohrers are composed of the type of players who only need one loss to get them back on the track. They are lead by Manager Ken Grace who is stern with his players and won’t stand for rookie mistakes but he is understanding of the emotion of the game.
The game was exceptional by both teams. Rohrers made few errors which paid off in their play. Fesslers` Tyler Miller slammed out a homer in the first inning that seemed to shock our boys but they came right back at them.
Our fielding was almost perfect in every aspect. Our pitching was excellent. Manager Grace moved the pitchers in and out to ease the number of balls pitched. We did some tremendous batting with Drew Grace and Nate Dixon being consistent hitters with the stick. Big Jake is always dependable to get the other club into turmoil.

In the first inning, Jake Biever took the mound with M.J. Oswald behind the plate. Jake walks the first batter. Jake walked the second batter and fans the third for a K. Then, oh my, on a fast ball Fesslers` Tyler Miller hit a ball that took a ride like a rocket over the right center field fence and the score went up 3-0. Big Jake doesn’t even blink, but stands firm on the mound and fans the fourth batter for the final out. He walks over to coach Biever .They have a little conversation and Jake walks into the dugout.
Manager Grace calls the boys over and says” Lets go lite them up. You gotta believe”
M.J. Oswald ,first up, bangs out a single and on an error on the first baseman, steals second. Drew Grace comes to bat and is rubbing his eye, pops one up for an out. Big Jake takes his place in the box and gets plinked on the head by a wild, high pitch and takes his base. Nate “The Kidney” Dixon drives a grounder to short and gets called out at first.
Dylan “Smugy” Biever hits a grounder to the same place at short just like a replay of Nate’s hit and is also called out at first.
Top of the second nothing exciting as Jake fans two batters and catches one trying to steal home.
Bottom of the second and Chase Weiser walks. Seth Grube pops out. Blake Lipko hits a fly to center field for a single. Dylan Grace goes down swinging and Blake Lipko can’t get back to first on his lead and is tagged out.
The rest of the game was played in the finest style. In the third, Drew Grace had a triple to center field and then stole home. Big Jake gets on with a double, banged out to right field. Nate Dixon lines a hard hit down third base line for another double. Nate steals third. Dylan Biever gets a single and brings home Nate.
M.J.Oswald pitched in the fourth inning with Drew Grace behind the plate. He fans one batter. Center fielder Seth Grube makes a fine catch for the second out. M.J. fans the third batter.
Down the line in the bottom of the sixth with the score 6to 5, our boys showed what they are made of. The boys stopped, looked at their coaches and out of the dugout came the call, “Keep the bats going!” The cold morning air was just starting to get warm. The audience was quiet. All eyes were on the Rohrers team. Would they pull it out?

“The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Rohrers nine this day.
The score stood 6-5 with no more innings left to play
And then when M.J died at first a loud sigh came through the air.
As Drew came up to bat and hammered a double very fair.
Now Big Jake comes up to bat, let another double fly.
And Drew raced around the bases and made the score a tie.
Next Nate “The Kidney” let go a grounder and got caught at first ,oh my.
But Big Jake had rounded second and to the wonderment of all was standing on third looking six feet tall.
There was ease in Dylan Bievers manner as he stepped into his place.
Their was pride in Dylan’s bearing and a stern look on his face.
No stranger in the crowd could lift his voice too high
for the score stood 6-6 with two outs amid the cries.
And when the pitcher threw the leather covered sphere
it came hurtling through the air meeting Dylan`s bat and his lack of fear
And Dylan drives the ball out near the right field fence,
As Fesslers fielder can make no sense of the ball that flew his way
Big Jake tags home plate safe and makes it Rohrers`day


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