Sunday, May 6, 2012


Orwigsburg Memorial Park
Thursday afternoon May 4, 2012

The Rohrers Club downs Boyers 9-1

Hello, Cranks, I am sorry I was late in getting these games out, but other activities in the course of life called. I was actually called away from the final innings of the game and relied upon the fast writing and reporting skills of my wife and editor.

Speaking about the game between Rohrers and Boyers, it was once again a Rohrers victory. Caleb Sophy, the southpaw pitcher for Boyers, was giving our boys that “Let me figure out this southpaw look” at first, but as usual , our boys figured it out real quick and the club started hitting.

Top of the first, M.J. Oswald , our consistent hitter, lead off. M.J. strikes out. Up next is one of our power hitters, Drew Grace and no sooner did this reporter look up from his note book than I hear the crack of a bat and out flies the leather sphere to right field for a stand up triple. Jakob Biever batting third takes his place in the box. Big Jake strikes out to the southpaw. Our cleanup batter, Nate Dixon, comes into the box, takes a few swings and waves his hand for time and then steps into the box. Swings and misses the fast pitch, takes a ball for the second and pops a low chipper to the pitcher for an out.

In the bottom of the first, Drew Grace steps onto the mound. Drew strikes out the first batter. Boyers whacks a hit to right field for a triple. The third batter pops out. The fourth batter hits a double to bring in a run. Score: 1-0 Boyers. The next batter is fanned and Drew is back on his mark.

From the second to the fifth inning, things are a bit ho hum. It was a normal base ball game. We had some good hits. Drew got a another triple in the 2nd and Jake got a double. Nate Dixon had two nice fielding plays at third and threw out the runner at first with catches by Jake Biever. Blake Lipko, and Dylan Grace on the infield, Chase Weiser, Easton Weiser, Seth Grube and T.J. Schappell, the outfielders held the Boyers to only 1 run.

In the fourth, an exciting play took place when Drew hits his third triple and M.J crosses the plate for a score. As the ball gets away from Boyers catcher, Drew gets the call to try and steal home but is called out at the plate in a cloud of dust.

All in all, cranks, our boys did a good job of playing base ball. Fielding was fantastic and almost perfect. as noted by the applause of the audience on fine fielding plays. Our batting was excellent. Drew Grace stood out as the power hitter he is with three triples and an inside the park home run. Jakob and Dylan Biever had some nice hits also.
All players made great contributions and brought the boys to final victory.

The game ended with the score 9-1 Rohrers. Well done, boys and coaches!


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