Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Rohrers Defeats Boyers 9-1


Rohrers Defeats Boyers

The dedication ceremony for the installation of the new lights above Memorial Field Base Ball diamond took place this evening to a fine crowd of cranks who hooted and hollered when the lights went on.

Jake Biever’s home run in the bottom of the 3rd inning paves the way for Rohrer`s win.

   It was certainly an interesting beginning as the game got off to a slow start. After Big Jake, the fence-buster, drilled one out over the right field fence and down toward Orwigsburg, the Rohrers came alive. M.J. was on third and Drew was on second base and both came trotting home with smiles as Jake made his homerun trek to the excitement of the fans and his team. Immediately, the Rohrers picked up momentum and started playing hard hitting baseball and ground- in- the- dirt fielding.
   Jake Biever’s right hander’s pitching was causing the Boyer players to swing like they were swatting at flies. His fast ball is one that is on top a player before he/she even knows it, causing Boyers complete confusion.
   M.J Oswald, the consistent hitter, was whacking out singles like they were for sale in a candy store. Drew Grace was hitting with his usual verve with singles and doubles to the outfield making  Boyers look as if they were searching for hidden Easter eggs. Nate Dixon played the third base corner like a kid possessed not letting anything by him. And by darn, nothing got by him. Rookie T.J. Schappell drove a nice single for an RBI. Once again the mercy rule was put in effect. Blake, Seth, Easton, Dylan Grace and Dylan Biever all played extremely well on this beautiful May night under the lights .
   This night game would not have been possible without the donors, volunteers and those individuals ,who in their modesty would like to remain out of sight, who dreamed the dream and brought it brightly into fruition this Friday night .Thank you to all those who made Friday night lights a reality for our teams and community. 



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