Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 Score: 9-7

   Manager Grace has carefully disciplined his club and as far as this reporter can tell, they will be a championship team this year. On Saturday our boys lost a close game of base ball to the Bedway Club. Who is the only team this year to beat our club? Bedways was in the very pink of good form after coming back from a strong attack by our club in the first and second innings.
   At this time, this reporter is still stunned as to how we lost this game. Our hitting was strong. Drew Grace, a triple, Brent Kaunas a Double, Nate Dixon Banged in a few RBI’s And Big Jake took one for a home run ride again. Our fielding was excellent. Our pitching was steady. But somehow we fell behind. Manager Grace went through all our pitchers and I could not find one reason to blame any one pitcher for the loss. As we all know and what a lot of reporters and writers will say, “The game is won on the mound.” Yes, that is true but Brent Kaunas threw hard and steady and had a few K’s. Dylan Biever threw strong. Dylan Grace did the same and Jake finished up in total control on the mound in the 6th with 2 K’s and a put out to give our club one last chance. So help me, cranks, figure out how we were defeated in this game.
   Well, the only thing I can really say  in the two times we came up against the Bedway club, we were beaten by one ball player ,a heavy hitter, their No. 14. Cranks, we have got to be ready for this fellow if we come up against them again. Their pitching wasn’t that great. We were hitting them short and long. Their fielders seemed to be slow and sluggish and couldn’t contend with our speed on the bases. But we lost! The only thing we can come up with was the heavy hitting of that one ball player when we had allowed boys on base.
   All in all our boys played well. M.J. worked the home plate like a champ. Drew was his normal self, energetic, full of enthusiasm and movement all over the infield. Brent power hits all the time and plays short with ease. Nate keeps a sharp eye on the line and snags many grounders his way. Jake, whether on the mound or on first, plays exceptionally well. Dylan covered second with ease. Did we have any infield errors this game? Absolutely not. Our fielders, Chase, Easton, T.J., Seth and Dylan Grace were all in top form
   So how did we lose? I am not sure. I guess that is just Base ball!.
Let’s not forget the highlight of the game despite the loss. The boys recognized their biggest supporters, their mothers, on this Mother’s Day by presenting each with a flower tribute. Win or lose, they are always winners in the eyes of their mothers!
See you Friday night, cranks, for our first game under the lights. I think I smell victory!



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